In line with our REAL Tide (Record of Engagement & Learning), Weeks of Welcome has identified six key focus areas for WOW 2023. By focusing on these engagement areas for all WOW events, we hope to create a well-rounded experience for all UA students. All events submitted should fall into 1-2 of the engagement areas listed below.

  • Academic Success – Students will participate in programs which foster understanding of university resources and personnel aimed at academic transition and preparedness.
  • Community and Connection – Students will discover the importance of getting involved, the various involvement opportunities on UA’s campus and how those connections can help create community at UA.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Students will be provided opportunities to listen, learn, and connect with identity-based groups to empower them to build a diverse and inclusive campus community.
  • Health and Wellness – Students will learn the importance of taking care of their physical and mental health and will become aware of support services related to holistic wellness.
  • Self-Exploration – Students will explore their own identity and interests, including personal and professional development.
  • Transition to UA and Tuscaloosa – Students will connect with various resources and services that exist on UA’s campus and around the Tuscaloosa community to help in their transition to the Capstone.